2021 Season

($7.00+  per bucket*)

We need pickers in orchards throughout the local area. People who are physically robust and can tolerate working outside when the days are sometimes long and hot. If the crop is heavy we may sometimes work for extended periods without a break. If there is rain in the forecast we will work longer hours to harvest fruit rather than risk it being damaged. If you're interested in seasonal work, get in touch using the form below.
The season starts in mid December and runs to the start of February.
Applicants must have an appropriate visa and work permits for the intended duration.

*$7.00+ per bucket including holiday pay. That is $28 per hour if reach 32 bucket per day.

Application Form

To apply you need to complete the application form online . You also need to send us a copy of your drivers licence and passport,tax form. please send back to donald@trophyridgecherries.nz  , we will get in touch with you soon.

Expression of Interest

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